Seth – 3/4 months

In true busy-working-mom-of-2 fashion, I’m late again on updates.

I missed the 3 month update completely, but in my defense I couldn’t get this silly site to work right so I gave it up. 🙂 Seth just turned 4 months yesterday though and I wanted to be sure another month didn’t get by me! Indulge me for a bit of a longer post.

A lot happened right around 3 months with this little guy. He started daycare at 12 weeks, and as expected, I was a hot mess the first few days. I had an extra week off work so I sent him in for half days to get adjusted. He was doing really well but wasn’t napping very much due to the noise and was having a tougher time than expected taking bottles! However, I needlessly worried because our daycare is awesome and by the next week he was napping and taking bottles just fine.

2016-04-15 14.14.34

Image via Snapchat – @jkadidas21

One of the big reasons for that was he was able to sleep on his belly – he started rolling the day he turned 3 months. I was shocked when I came downstairs and saw Seth rolling onto his belly after I had laid him down on his back. Chad was there but didn’t see it happen; I put him back on his back and ran back upstairs where I was helping Aubrey and when I came back down again, he had rolled again! (And Chad had STILL missed it, lol!) Of course I tried to get a video but he didn’t want to do it again.

2016-04-26 20.00.22

He’s crazy strong though and after about a week he was doing it regularly, both back to belly and belly to back. He’s pushing up and now even doing a bit of scooting at 4 months old. It’s so funny that I wanted Aubrey to hurry up and reach all these milestones, but with Seth I want to him to slow down – my last baby is growing up way too quickly!!

Sleeping has been great. Around 3 months it was still rough putting him down for bed as I was trying to put him in the magic sleepsuit like I did with Aubrey. It would be 1-2 hours of Chad and I taking turns to resettle him. Finally I gave in and just put him back to sleep in his swing and he’d be out like a light and I had my evenings back. However, once he got really good at rolling, I started just nursing him and putting him in his crib, and now he’s my wonderful little sleeper. He’ll wake up when I lay him down but roll right over and pop his thumb in his mouth and go right to sleep. It’s the most adorable thing.

He wakes up mostly twice a night to eat, sometimes with a third early 6 am feeding, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest (again, that whole second baby thing). He doesn’t even cry, he just starts shuffling around and making little whimpers until I wake enough to hear him. He feeds and goes right back to sleep, and if he does stay awake, he just coos and makes all these hilarious noises until he drifts back off, and it makes me laugh so much.

(He also falls asleep on the floor. A lot. I’ve told daycare to just leave him there if he does hahaha.)

And there is not a trace of my crying fussy baby left. He can finally stay awake in the evenings until 7:30/8 so that we get plenty of time with him in the evenings and he and Aubrey can go to bed at the same time. Most nights he hangs out on the floor of Aubrey’s room and we get them ready for bed together. (And she loves to give him all.the.things. “Mommy, I sharing!”)

He’s the smiliest, happiest baby I’ve ever seen. I spend way too much time just cooing at him and getting him to smile and giggle. Big sister is all about it too, and it’s her daily goal to make “Baby Sef” smile. “Mama, he lookin at me! He smilin at me!” And it’s pretty clear he adores her too.

Here’s an adorable video of them together (just watch til about the 1 minute mark):

2016-05-07 18.57.19

He also shares her love for tv – little booger rolled himself over and scooted underneath the cover I had set up so he couldn’t watch!

We have had some fun visiting family and friends recently, too. Here he is with Papa George at Easter. And Uncle Tal still is still the baby whisperer!

We also got to meet Austin and Melissa’s sweet little twins! Seth and Will were definitely checking out their new BFF.

2016-05-14 15.17.242016-05-14 15.17.35

I think this is enough for one post. I am absolutely loving motherhood right now, and can’t get over how much I love these two 🙂

2016-05-08 13.20.44

Two months, part 2

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!2016-03-17 07.23.05

I’m sad that I stopped updating the blog once Aubrey was a little over a year old – but around that same time I started a daily diary for her. So I’ve got those memories stored for her in words and plenty of pictures/videos, just no longer here. Now it’s time to document baby boy’s first year!2016-03-17 07.31.23

Two months has passed really quickly this second time around. We had our share of rough first weeks, especially juggling a toddler and not sleeping, but it feels like we sped to the brighter side a lot sooner than the first time. Probably because having a baby didn’t turn our daily lives upside down, and we weren’t intently watching Seth to notice every single new thing he did (instead we were intently watching to make sure Aubrey didn’t accidentally poke him in the eye or smother him!).

2016-03-05 12.13.26

While he had a few weeks of the wonderful crying at all times of day for no apparent reason, once I cut out dairy he was a different baby. And thank goodness, because I just knew my baby was a happy one like his sister! He started the smiles around 5 weeks, and boy oh boy do they melt me. He has these dimples that just make it impossible to not find myself grinning like a fool back at him! (And they’re impossible to catch on camera, unfortunately.)2016-02-29 11.55.22

He is really alert and active now even though he can only be awake about an hour before it’s time to nap again. (LOTS of naps around here.) He just started making coos and babbles – love when we move past the crying as the only form of communication! And such a strong kid…his head strength is incredible and he can firmly stand on his legs for quite a long time. I credit it with carrying him so much, which as a second time mom you finally don’t worry will ‘spoil’ them haha.2016-03-06 17.17.53

At his two month appointment, he was 12 lbs and 23.5 inches tall – growing at a much faster rate than Aubrey did! In just another week or two we’ll already be in 6 month clothing. (Must be all that sleeping!)2016-03-16 17.45.29

This next month will be bittersweet as I get ready to re-enter the ‘real world’ and go back to work, but will also have to hand over my last baby to daycare. 😦 Let’s hope he takes to it as well as Aubs did!! Til then I gotta share this funny picture. “You wanna mess with me?!”2016-03-17 07.17.42

San Diego

At the end of October, we made a trip across the country to visit some of our best friends, Chad and Lauren, in honor of Lauren’s 30th birthday and to finally have our daughters meet! It was Aubrey’s first plane ride, and we certainly didn’t start off small with a 5 hour flight. We timed the first one to take off right at Aubrey’s bedtime, which actually went pretty well.

2014-10-22 18.54.15

She had a bit of a screaming fest when we had to wake her to de-board the plane, but luckily we were in a busy airport waiting on luggage so nobody seemed to notice. Our poor cab driver though 😉 She was an angel though while we checked into the hotel, and went right to sleep in the pack n play as if nothing happened!

We did try to keep her schedule similar to at home, though – which unfortunately meant 4 or 4:30 am wakeups for us! We spent a LOT of time in the hotel room, considering nothing was even open until 6 am.

2014-10-24 07.10.15(Like father, like daughter.)

We stayed in an awesome location with lots to do within walking distance! We ventured to Whole Foods to stock up on breakfast food and snacks, and then to a nearby park to let Aubrey run around.

2014-10-23 13.09.49

And then… it was time to meet Aubrey’s future BFF, little miss Natalie Grace! I was so excited to meet this little one!

2014-10-23 14.48.542014-10-23 14.49.11

We went back to the hotel to give the girls a chance to really meet and play. It was hilarious when Aubrey kept walking up to pat Nat on the head!


We, of course, couldn’t stop taking pictures.

IMG_0617IMG_0628IMAGE_29 IMAGE_34

The next day, we went to breakfast to fuel up for our big destination – the San Diego zoo to see the pandas (but of course!).
2014-10-24 08.00.06 Where’s this food you speak of, lady?!

The zoo was a blast. The girls napped on and off but I think they enjoyed it!

2014-10-24 10.23.08IMG_0670

I think the first time we went to see the pandas, Aubrey was asleep, so we pushed through and made a second trip later in the day. Of course, she totally wasn’t interested 😦 She only wanted a snack! (<–Theme of the trip)

IMG_0757 Can you see the panda back there??

It was quite exhausting with two little ones who constantly needed to eat or be held, but the experience was totally worth it! There is nothing like magic in little kids’ faces. I see many more zoo trips in our future!


The next day we spent in Balboa Park, taking in all the sights (and fountains!).

IMAGE_62IMG_0804IMG_0826IMG_0847 Side note: this picture looks like a decent family photo. What you don’t know is Aubrey was about to have an absolute meltdown. IMG_0849 This picture says a lot about our family – I try to distract her while Chad tries to make sure I do not cause bodily harm, i.e. drop her.

Continuing the theme of meltdowns, we walked what felt like miles to locate a carousel in the park. When we finally found it, of course, Aubrey HATED it!! Chad and Lauren had a good laugh with the progression of events: seeing it start off great, Aubrey smiling, and then watching while she suddenly started screaming and one of the attendants had to help me unbuckle her and get us to one of the seated rides to calm her down. We had to hold a crying toddler the rest of the ride. I’ve never been so ready to get off a ride, and Chad and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They spared us those pictures, and we’ll pretend it was all as sweet as it looks. 😉


On our last day, we wanted to enjoy our last bit of time with everyone, so we found a shopping area near the water and let the girls play in the grass while we took a million pictures!

IMG_1027IMG_1033 (Again with the head. She’s not a pet, Aubrey!)

IMG_1091IMG_10422014-10-26 14.09.362014-10-26 14.11.162014-10-26 14.12.02-12014-10-26 12.01.58

Until our next trip!!!!!!!



2014-09-20 19.40.10

One year. One whole crazy, wonderful, emotional, blessed year with the most amazing little buddy who turned our world upside down in the best way possible. I could go on and on… but instead I’ll get to the good stuff.

As we neared the year mark, here are some things she’d been up to:

-Took her first steps the day after she turned 11 months!!! Walked on and off this month but still generally preferred to crawl.

-Started liking almond milk (score! – since there was no way I was pumping past a year, and she has a dairy sensitivity)

-Communicated to us by pointing where she wanted to go, or if she wanted something like a book

-Could kind of saying a few words: all done, cat, and dog

-Loved to point out cats and dogs anywhere we go, and in her books

-Would get so excited to go outside

-Would constantly bring us things to help open/take them apart

-Gave us a taste of toddler tantrums 😦

-Began standing from the ground without pulling herself up

-Gave lots of hugs to her stuffed animals and Dublin

-Loved to show us her “stinky feet” when we’d ask where they were

-Helped us “pack” for the beach by putting things in her suitcase

And now to the good stuff! She’s still loving on Dubs, and he’s so good with her.

2014-08-21 17.55.41

2014-08-23 17.56.52

Aubrey won’t let us put hats/headbands/anything on her head, but since she was all about copying us, we were able to trick her into wanting to wear one all the time.

2014-09-11 19.24.50

And then she insisted Daddy play along. (Best picture ever, no?)

2014-09-01 19.29.26

One of the most important things that happened was Aubrey finally got to meet Charlotte, a dear friend of Chad’s family (and her sweet little dog!).

2014-08-31 14.57.36

I’m so grateful she did, because Charlotte passed away not long after. What a beautiful lady, inside and out!

2014-08-31 14.59.04

The week leading up to Aubrey’s birthday, we took a trip back to North Myrtle, this time with Chad’s family! We are hoping to make this an annual tradition – what a difference from last year (when Aubrey was in my belly!) to this year.

2014-09-16 20.47.32

It kicked off with a great Gamecock win…

2014-09-13 18.49.03

then lots of family time…

2014-09-16 13.41.34

delicious food (Aubrey’s first Umberto’s trip – the girl loves her some pasta)…

2014-09-14 18.24.19

kickin’ it at the condo…

2014-09-18 18.04.492014-09-13 19.48.43

and of course, lots of time in the sand.

2014-09-19 13.03.112014-09-16 12.19.502014-09-16 12.21.39 (Umm…I think it’s on my hands, Mom.)

A certain special Grammy treated us to a night out to celebrate our belated 5 year anniversary. Sometimes I wonder who loves each other more 😉

2014-09-14 16.59.07

We had such a fabulous time! The vacation ended right on her birthday, so we had to make the trip home that morning, but Grammy had the genius idea of making her a literal fruit cake!!!!

2014-09-20 08.57.44

All ready to dive in!

2014-09-20 08.59.06

The verdict? She loved it, of course.

2014-09-20 09.03.36

2014-09-20 09.07.01

The next day, we celebrated at our house with Gigi and Paul, Uncle Todd and Aunt Rita, and Uncle Tal and Aunt Sarah. It was very low key but we still had a birthday outfit and a few decorations!

2014-09-21 14.21.35

2014-09-21 14.21.47

Since Aubrey couldn’t have dairy, we got vegan cupcakes from Earthfare. We had Grandpa watching on FaceTime (hi Grandpa!):

2014-09-21 14.25.50

And then it began.

2014-09-21 14.28.06

She wasn’t sure at first…

2014-09-21 14.28.08

But once she got a taste, it was INHALED. I was a bit scared because she proceeded to eat the entire thing (I was at least able to swoop in and remove most of the icing) and I worried about the sugar shock to her system, or maybe it coming back up! Luckily, neither of those things happened – we just had one incredibly happy toddler.

2014-09-21 14.28.53

Then we opened presents…and of course, pandas were involved.

2014-09-21 15.16.45

2014-09-21 15.16.54

Happy birthday to you, my sweet baby. You are the light of our lives.

2014-08-23 11.43.06

Eleven months

2014-08-20 19.45.01

We started out this month with a beach trip with my dad and brother. We were so excited to have a few days with my dad, since he’s been in Denmark forever it feels like! Since Chad and my dad both got new cameras on his trip back to the US, they were both eager to document our beach trip. This was after a tough week of another stomach bug, eye infections, and what felt like the flu (and that was just for me… Aubrey seemed just fine of course), so we were more than happy to get away for a few days in the sun!

2014-07-21 09.02.16 - Copy

We rented a pretty sweet place in North Myrtle Beach, and it was a blast. I thought Aubrey would be scared of the water (like in Daufuskie Island) but she took to it…well, like water!


We did some shopping, eating out, a brewery (! <– interesting with her lol). She was OBSESSED with fountains and moving water this month, so seeing fountains at Barefoot Landing was treat.

2014-07-21 14.02.53

She got to know her Uncle JD!

2014-08-21 11.30.31

I’m so glad we had this trip and hope to do it again next year!

IMG_0233 IMG_0316

The rest of the month was spent trying to learn how to walk.

2014-08-19 19.16.38 2014-08-17 16.04.49

Some more fun facts about this month:

-Learning how to make objects interact, and how to put things together

-Actually looks at books now and points to things

-Eating even more (double lunches at daycare!) and will eat almost anything

-Says ‘nanana’ for banana

-Standing on her own for about thirty seconds at a time, and can squat really well

-Opening drawers and cabinets (oy!)

-Very ticklish

-Has the best little half grin when she gets really proud of herself

-Loves to clap

-Copies actions she sees us do, like trying to put a lid on something, or socks on feet

-Tries to climb all the things

-Very determined; if you take something away she’ll go after it over and over again

-Loves balls

-Starting to bite (ouch!)

-Has gotten really fussy in the car lately but is ok if my hand is touching her

Here are some of my favorite pics

IMG_0060 2014-08-19 07.55.50

Picking blueberries with Papa George!

2014-08-17 15.53.18

With her Gigi at my sister’s bridal shower

2014-08-16 15.52.29

Uncle Tal!

2014-08-10 12.48.52

Meeting Chubby at a party uptown

2014-08-09 14.38.56

Trying to get me to put back together the orange she peeled

2014-08-07 07.54.14

Doing her favorite activity – making a mess in the kitchen

2014-08-04 18.13.04

2014-07-26 16.32.17 HDR 2014-07-26 10.50.42 2014-07-24 14.49.55

Giving us the stinkeye because she’s stuck in the carseat

2014-07-22 17.57.29

And still workin’ on that selfie…

2014-08-10 15.30.11 

Nine/Ten Months

True to form, I’m pretty late on the updates again. Instead of making two separate posts, I’ll just talk about what Aubrey is up to today, and what’s changed since 8 months – quite a bit, let me tell you!

2014-06-20 07.45.06IMG_0550

– On the movement front – girl is faster than ever and into everything, as expected! However, I think walking is not far off. A couple of months ago she started slowly pulling up on things and balancing a bit, but now she stands up on everything, all the time. And she loves to practice walking! Poor baby gets FRUSTRATED that she can’t walk on her own yet. She will crawl up to you and lift her hands, waiting for you to take them. Then she’ll stand and want you to walk her…and walk her…and walk her. 🙂 Until your back hurts and you try to distract her – but she’s having none of that! She’ll plop onto her butt and dramatically flail down, smacking her forehead on the floor and crying (we call her the drama queen; seriously, she did NOT get that from me (cough<Mom>cough). As all first time moms typically say, I can’t wait for her to walk – but she’s already into everything so I can’t imagine it will be too much worse, haha. It’s pretty adorable though, and she is quick on those feet. She can balance on her own for a few seconds but starts getting scared and grabs for your hands or something to hang onto again.


-She’s an expert at waving now, although she still doesn’t quite like to do it on command. It’s more fun to wave to strangers at the table across the restaurant, or after someone’s been trying to get her to wave for awhile and then turns his back. It is pretty cute that if you just say ‘buh-bye’ though, she’ll wave! And if you say “yay” she claps! She also has the ‘milk’ sign down pat (much to my dismay) and understands signs/phrases like ‘all done’ and ‘more’ but has yet to make the signs herself.

-The newest thing is pointing! You can say, “Aubrey, where’s the tree? Where’s the light? Where’s my nose?” and she will point to it! She uses it to also ask what everything is. She’ll point and say “da?” as if to say “what’s that?”


-She LOVES dogs and small children. Like, to the point that she has a full body convulsion when she sees or hears one. The arms start flapping and she starts squealing. I love starting to see what makes her happy!

-Sleeping – it’s finally pretty consistent. She wakes up every morning between 3 and 5 am to nurse but is right back down. Occasionally she wakes up a second time if she’s sick or teething, but a quick nursing puts her right back down. And for a curveball, she’ll sleep through the night about once every week or so. Just to keep me on my toes. 🙂 Nap times are pretty good too – if she’s fighting it for some reason, a blanket for her to snuggle up to (and hold close to her mouth) does the trick.

2014-07-13 07.53.21

-Speaking of when she’s sick… month 9 to 10 was the worst. (For me.) I got the stomach flu AGAIN (Aubrey showed no real signs other than a bit of a fever), a terrible cold/sore throat that lasted over two weeks (poor Aubs had a double ear infection and a sore throat too, although you’d never have known it based on her happy demeanor), and an eye infection (Aubrey’s cleared up in a day with some drops while mine took almost a week of some yucky eye ointment and no contacts and it’s still not 100% gone). Does it sound like I’m complaining?? I totally am. I hope by the time kid #2 rolls around, my immune system is like a steel fortress. However, for Aubrey’s sake – yay for breastfeeding! If I needed a reason to keep at it til at least a year, this was it.

2014-06-25 07.47.52

-Aubrey is quite vocal nowadays. “MAMAMAMAMA!” now translates directly to milk or food – and she wants it NOW. She says a little “da” or “dada” here or there, but that translates either to “dog,” “Dublin,” or “dat” lol. So, no real first words yet!

-Solid food has taken off exponentially. People comment on just how much she eats for such a tiny thing! Of course, any given day is different and some days she’s not interested much at all, but when she is she can certainly put down some food. She pretty much eats anything we put in front of her (for now!) which is nice, but any type of meat or fruit definitely tops her list. She also loves her broccoli! If she doesn’t care for something, a classic move is to put it in her mouth and then open wide and stick out her tongue to let it drop back out. It’s pretty funny (the first few times…). Usually it’s just that she expected a different taste, and once she realizes what it is, she’ll eat it. When she’s no longer hungry though, there’s no question – food is quickly swiped off the high chair. And gazed down upon from her throne.


-Aubrey still likes reading and is now getting interested in the actual pictures and textures. She also likes music and sometimes will dance for us! Her “big red car” is still a favorite toy, but usually things that aren’t meant for her are much more interesting (yes, I know, that’s nothing new for kids haha). Her favorites? Daddy’s shoehorn, the old classic bottle of pills, or Mommy’s contacts still in the packages (don’t ask – she needs something to play with on the bathroom floor while I get ready).

2014-06-26 07.46.05

-She really enjoys the pool! It’s been a fun new activity for us to do together.

2014-07-06 16.49.36

-She also loves the new swing that Grammy and Papa George got her!

2014-05-25 11.04.09

-Size wise, Aubrey is still in 6-9 month clothing, not too much taller, and weighs just shy of 16 pounds (as of a doc appt right near 10 months).

-Aubrey got to meet her Uncle Frank for the first time!

2014-05-26 21.02.39

-And Grandpa came home from Denmark!!!!! Aubrey FaceTimes with him every single Sunday, but when she saw him in person again, she was shaking with fear! It turns out she was just scared of the beard, but warmed up to him very quickly. (We’ll share our beach trip with him next month!)


-What other randomness can I share? She must ‘undo’ things – if you stack toys, she has to knock them down, or if you put things in a bin/box, she has to take them out. My favorite thing she also does is crawl up to me and lays her head down for a snuggle, then will go off and continue playing. And she’s still obsessed with holding anything soft or fuzzy to her mouth.

2014-06-20 07.41.45


-Oh yeah, still torturing the animals!

2014-07-06 17.51.142014-06-07 15.38.47

-All in all, it’s been a very exciting couple of months, and we’re seeing more of who Aubrey is every day! Being a mom – and more importantly, her mom – is pretty amazing. Can’t believe the big 1 is around the corner!!!



Eight months

It was so hard to get her monthly picture this time, so I had to hold her. And remove the sticker before she did! ImageImage

What a busy month. We went to the beach for the first time, I went out of town for the first time, and she started crawling. Most pictures these days are blurry – we take more videos now!

-Crawling took a little while to learn but once she did, she got FAST! She started by scooting backwards, and then scooting onto her butt. As a first time mom, I was really amazed to see how a baby gets from being on her belly to sitting up – I had no idea how to ‘teach’ her that or help her along, but she figured it out just fine on her own. That quickly led to crawling – and it truly did happen overnight. One day she just started and hasn’t stopped since! I am just so happy that I got to see it for the first time, and it didn’t happen at daycare or while I was out of town.

-She began sitting funny with her knees – I think it helped keep her stable!Image

-She started waving. At first it was just holding her hand out with her palm up – almost like saying, “What, guys?!”

-Playing peek-a-boo was new! It was SO fun when she started doing it on purpose – holding up a blanket or a piece of clothing up to cover her face, waiting for us to say “where’s Aubrey??” and revealing her face with the biggest grin.

-She slept through the night for the first time ever. And, the only time ever. Sleep got even worse this month, with those two top teeth trying to work their way in! Here’s a fun sleeping pictures though. Not sure the position is safe, but she survived.2014-04-27 10.00.46

-She says ‘mama’ all the time now. I’m pretty certain she doesn’t associate it with me, but the ‘mamamama’ starts the second she’s sleepy or hungry!

-She still loves the outdoors! We like to take her for walks in the evenings and hold her instead of having her in the stroller. It’s very soothing for her, especially when she’s having a fussy evening. (The girl takes ONE nap a day at daycare most of the time, so she still naps in the car on the way home and can sometimes be cranky pants til bedtime!)2014-05-05 19.16.572014-05-05 19.15.25 HDR

-She always has a great time visiting Grammy and Papa George. This time she got to touch a mini horse for the first time – the reaction was pretty fun.2014-05-04 10.55.12 HDR2014-05-04 11.48.46

-Back into solid foods! She doesn’t seem to eat too much for hunger but more for the fun of it right now. Doesn’t she look like she’s having a blast?! I’ll spare you the rest of the gross food pics, as I realize this is probably only cute to me and Chad. 🙂 2014-04-24 19.01.02

-She really likes books now! We took her to Barnes & Noble and let her play with some (don’t worry, we bought the ones she put in her mouth.)2014-04-26 13.53.29-22014-05-06 19.17.07 And she turns the pages on her own. Baby genius. 2014-05-05 19.39.55

-I had my first Mother’s Day! And a wonderful morning with just playing and snuggling my baby before I had to leave her for the week.  2014-05-10 11.21.102014-05-10 11.37.54

-Grammy came as backup while I was gone for my work trip. We had a great Mother’s Day and took some family photos! 2014-05-11 16.14.32 2014-05-11 16.11.24 HDR 2014-05-11 16.10.43 2014-05-11 16.08.31 2014-05-11 16.06.49 2014-05-11 16.05.33

-Aubrey didn’t skip a beat during my work trip! Probably because she was having the best time being loved on by Grammy and Daddy who took such wonderful care of her. While I was gone, they kept me from going too crazy by texting me pictures all the time. Here were some of my favorites: 2014-05-13 08.24.13 2014-05-15 09.21.25 2014-05-13 13.24.04

-And check out the heart-melting cheesy grin she started doing! The BEST. 2014-05-11 11.06.45

-My amazing Mother’s Day gift was a trip to Daufuskie Island, just the three of us, for four days. We had a great time and Aubrey got to visit the beach for the first time! On the boat trip to and from the island, she fell asleep – check out this position. 2014-05-17 15.07.21

We rode around everywhere in a golf cart and we loved being able to hold Aubrey instead of having her stuck in a backseat! 2014-05-17 16.33.17


We spent most of the time playing inside, due to weather being a bit chilly and windy for our liking. 2014-05-18 10.46.362014-05-18 11.27.57-1  2014-05-18 11.28.59 2014-05-18 11.27.57-2


We did make it to the beach though! Aubrey got to stick her toes in the sand for the first time. She was timid at first but eventually realized sand was fun!  2014-05-18 15.14.312014-05-18 15.15.29 2014-05-18 15.17.24 That is, until she decided to eat it and Mommy unexpectedly shouted “No!” resulting in some tears. 😦 2014-05-18 15.19.57


Here’s a few more pics of the beach trip. 2014-05-19 10.25.252014-05-19 14.32.422014-05-19 15.03.202014-05-20 08.51.32 HDR

More adventures to come!





Seven months

I’m playing catch-up on these updates!

-She got her very first teeth the DAY she turned 7 months – two cute bottom teeth! Although she hates us messing with her mouth so I couldn’t get any pictures.


-Aubrey is sitting up completely unassisted!



-This also means she can sit in a shopping cart now instead of being confined to the carseat. We tested this out for the first time with a trip to Trader Joe’s. Best moment was when someone commented how she just seemed way too small to be sitting up in a cart – thanks random lady. I promise I’m not propping up a newborn.ImageImage (And yes, we give our kid bags of chips to entertain her.)

-She loves mirrors. When we’d hold her in front of one, she’d look back and forth at our mirror image and our real face over and over again.

-She sleeps just like me! This is one of many pics of her where she hikes up a leg while on her belly!Image

-She loves to shake things, especially rattles or anything that makes noise. That includes Daddy’s pill bottles. That’s safe, right?Image

-We brought out a new toy – a car that lights up and plays music. She adores this thing and it’s a great place for her to sit and play! When the songs play, she almost starts to dance a bit.Image

-She has become much more affectionate lately – she’ll actually give ‘kisses’ sometimes, and my favorite time of day is after her morning feeding. I’ll lay her on my chest and she will just relax on me, looking out the window with those big eyes.

-No crawling yet, although she can scoot backwards – her first true movement! Since she can’t see where’s she going, sometimes she gets stuck – especially under the couch.Image

-The girl LOVES being outside, yet she hates grass! She shudders every time she touches it. Crazy.ImageImage(Baby selfie!!)

-It’s hilarious that sometimes she just pokes out her bottom lip. She’s not sad or anything but we crack up every time.Image

-She started table food. We did baby-led weaning, meaning that Aubrey was in control of feeding herself from the beginning with no purees. She certainly liked it, but she was having some issues that made us worry her digestive system wasn’t quite ready yet, so we laid off of them for the most part this month, introducing them back closer to her 7th month birthday.ImageImage

-She’s officially in the older infant room at daycare. After just a few days, she was completely adjusted to her new room! The new thing now is that she cries when I come to pick her up – she can be playing so happily but then bursts into tears the second she sees me! It’s kind of cute and I certainly feel loved 😉 One of the ladies also told me one afternoon that Aubrey is such a sweet and nurturing baby and is destined to be a doctor or nurse; apparently one afternoon she went back to the younger babies’ room and one baby in particular was crying near her. They said she reached over to try and touch his face and was holding his hand! They’ve described that her personality is starting to come through and she’s such a sweet baby, so smiley and happy. It will never get old having other people gush about her, especially when it feels like they justify the way we see her 🙂

-She had her first Easter! We tried to get some pics with the Easter bunny at daycare, but she wasn’t impressed.Image


-We left her at bedtime for the first time ever! (One of us had always been home to put her to bed up until now.) For Tal and Sarah’s wedding, we recruited Gigi to come stay and take care of her, and she did so well! Gigi sent us pictures the whole time we were gone, which I loved. (And she holds her own bottle now – I die! Too funny that’s something I would never know about as the primary food source.)ImageImage

And now I’ll just leave you with a few more adorable pictures til I can get her 8 month update complete!




Happy half birthday to the most beautiful, amazing, adorable thing on the planet (to me, Chad, and our parents at least!!). Month five to six was SO MUCH FUN. I absolutely love being a mom. Even though it can be exhausting and tough some days, her little smile brings me this joy that I’ve never felt before – it makes me want to explode! 🙂 I will try to contain the mushiness and get started with the update!
2014-03-20 07.34.53
Aubrey turned five months old on my 30th birthday, and Chad’s was just a few days later, so we headed to Atlanta for a long weekend and to visit pandas at the zoo! We had a great time (although this was the tail end of her sleep regression, so the nights were horrible but she was good as gold during the day!).
2014-02-22 13.43.33
She saw her first panda which was pretty cool – she absolutely LOVES animals so she intently watched as a panda came walking by the glass right in front of us! We also went to the gift shop and of course bought Aubrey all things panda. We also tried to find her some sunglasses, but they were all too big. (Ok, we really just wanted some funny pics!)
2014-02-21 16.59.41
2014-02-23 14.11.40

Aubrey is so easy to take out and about with us. We took her to brunch, dinner at a brewery, shopping, to the zoo – as long as girl gets to eat and can sleep in her carseat, she’s golden! I’m sure this won’t last forever so we’re soaking it in while we can! (Note the bunny rabbit – thanks Gigi! That is her carseat toy and she is forever happy if she has her bunny.)
2014-02-21 08.31.52

Some things about this month… (I don’t have as many pics this month – I take more videos now since she’s rarely ever still)
-Obsessed with anything that has a tag. You can give her any sort of toy and she will always find the tag instead!
2014-03-01 08.34.47-1
-Sucks in her bottom lip when she is getting sleepy or overstimulated. It’s so cute and I always wonder if she’ll still do it as she gets older.
-Talks and babbles like crazy now even though she’s pretty quiet at daycare! Speaking of which, she is doing amazing there. Love, love, love her daycare and the ladies there! Here’s a blurry pic from the camera that I stalk all day long – circle time! (Can you see the sprout-headed panda butt on the right?)
2014-03-13 13.51.41
-For a couple of weeks, spitting was her favorite thing to do and she thought it was hilarious when you did it back.
-Rolls both ways like it’s her job. I can barely set her down for a diaper change or to get her clothes on without her trying to roll away! (I’ll post a video in the next day or two!)
-Likes to hug and snuggle your face – she’ll grab your head with both hands and bury her face into yours. Sometimes she sucks on your face too, like she’s giving you kisses. Heart melts every time.
-We can finally get her to laugh a little bit if one of us ‘chases’ her while the other is holding her.
-We had our first date night! Her daycare held a parents’ night out and of course she did fabulously.
-She’s fascinated with her feet now and can put them in her mouth easily. I guess she gets her flexibility from Daddy!
-Speaking of Daddy, every night before he gets home she constantly is looking towards the door. Then once he walks in, she gets the biggest grin and her little body cannot contain her excitement. She begins shouting and giving little laughs – he is the only one that she does that for ❤
-She still, without fail, always falls asleep within minutes of being in the car. Every day on the way home I turn around to find this:
2014-02-26 17.35.56
-And SLEEP! This has been the magical month. For the most part, we only feed once a night now. Just recently, Aubrey was starting to escape the sleepsuit (seriously kid?! I found her like this and she was so proud of herself):
2014-03-09 08.15.28
As funny as it was, I didn’t think it was too safe anymore so we decided to quit cold turkey. We braced ourselves for a bad night (or three) but nope – she rolled on her tummy and hasn’t looked back since!
2014-03-11 21.25.45
-She sits up on her own now with barely any support! She loves having a new position to play with everything.
2014-03-20 07.34.25
-The hair is getting long and starting to fall! 😦 But I love the way it curls down.
2014-03-20 07.34.44

There is SO much more that happened but it’s just too much to share in one post. Our little onion head only weighed in at 13 lbs, 4 oz today at her 6 month appointment (5th percentile!) and is 25 inches long (25th percentile). At least we aren’t outgrowing clothes or diapers too quickly 🙂

Next month we will share our adventures in her first foods, moving up to the ‘bigger’ infant room at daycare (sniff sniff!), and her attempts at CRAWLING! For now, Aubrey says “Enough already, Mom!”
2014-03-20 07.36.09

Five months

I’m a little late posting this, considering she’ll be SIX MONTHS in just a week! Four months to five months – so much fun, but quite rough. It was definitely challenging juggling going back to work full time, dealing with the dreaded sleep regression, and being sick! She grew so much though! ImageLet’s rewind a bit… She was still loving her swing! ImageAnd got really good this month at grabbing things! 2014-01-28 16.26.15

Aubrey also had her first snow day, which luckily coincided with a day she just seemed to need mama. This little face sleeping on me will forever be my favorite.

2014-01-27 14.37.55

We also started reading books every night before bed, since she finally seemed interested. It was so adorable how she would end up watching the person reading instead of looking at the book – sometimes she would even reach out and touch your face while you were reading.  2014-02-05 19.14.42

We took a trip down to Camden to visit Grammy for her birthday! But we were in for quite the surprise – Aubrey’s first stomach bug, poor baby. Here she was just a couple of hours before she got sick, acting totally normal and reading books with Daddy and Grammy. 2014-02-08 19.41.01

Right before bed, I went to feed her and the second I picked her up, poor baby threw up everywhere. Like five times in a row. Scared the daylights out of me! She didn’t seem too bothered by it though and was all smiles that Mommy and Daddy were visiting her in the middle of the night. She got sick quite a bit the rest of the night, so not much sleep for either of us. By the next morning she was doing a little better but not holding down any food, so Grammy got in one last snuggle and we headed home early.

2014-02-09 09.43.17

The rest of the week was quite a blur. Aubrey acted as though nothing was wrong in between throwing up, and actually giggled, grabbed her feet, and rolled over for the first time that same day. Nothing stops her! However, the rest of the week was kind of a blur. She stayed home from daycare that Monday of course even though she seemed to be on the mend. That night it hit me though, way worse than it did for her! I don’t think I was able to sleep more than 45 minutes at a time. The next day I was thankful that she could go to daycare so I could rest, but the snow gods decided to come and shut everything down early. So I was forced to nurse and take care of Aubrey in between running to the bathroom 🙂 At least she kept me company and gave me this sweet face to look at.

2014-02-11 14.16.34

The next three days were spent in recovery mode while also trying to work from home and take care of the baby, thanks to the biggest snow I’ve seen since living in the south. Crazy!!! 2014-02-13 12.24.00 2014-02-13 12.22.24

We got a chance to take her out in it for a bit. (Yes I realize her leg is exposed – we don’t exactly have a snowsuit in size 6 months 😉 and I promise she was outside for all of five minutes!) 2014-02-13 17.29.432014-02-13 17.31.16

And, one of my favorite moments from the month was when I walked upstairs and found this.

2014-02-13 14.40.11

Now that Aubrey has found her feet, this is what every morning of diaper change looked like last month – she was so fascinated! 2014-02-12 08.09.08

She also could not keep her in tongue in her mouth. 2014-02-17 19.12.32

This month was quite the learning experience for us first time parents but we saw her begin to really interact with the world around her, which was so amazing and fun!! Be back very soon with the six month update!

2014-02-14 15.54.48